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Song of the Week: Mina & Steph Back - 58%, Saturday, 16 of July 2011

Shop update - Staph Beck
hi everyone, a new cool image on your cafepress shop is update.
26 Jun 2009

Shop Beck MCS - Staph Beck
HI everyone,
Here it is, some news from the beck mcs shop. The real news is our shop on a french website but the US site (cafepress) was uploaded too.
See ya
22 Jun 2009

Godin 5th Avenue - Staph Beck
Thanks to Buster for discover an old mistake. The old Ryusuke's guitar isn't a gibson L48 but a Godin 5th Avenue. That's fixed now ^^
11 Jun 2009

Beck in Live - Staph Beck
Good evening everyone, I hope you didn't forget to look at the news of our dear Beckuto (but okay I dont translate it lool)
Tonight we have a kind of news "express",thanks to Erik who sent us a mail. Hurray you^^
I know you all cried when Beck ended. well folks, cheer up ! beck is coming back Live !
and by live, i mean with real actors : a movie that will be ready for the autumn of 2010
for further informations, check this link
Have a nice night ^^

Translated by Sasuk

03 Jun 2009

40 wallpapers - Staph Beck
I would like to thanks a lot the old members of the forum, who did wallpapers and colorations for our website but never were published. I just fixed that : you can see them all now. thanks to Seb2228, Hives, Emdé, Althanil, Happyfooldays, Miyavi.

Thanks to Om3rta, Robin GI, Dif et Kaza Sou wallpapers from animewallpapers

eventually, thumps up for their work :
Annakee, Swordfish-II, SharinganKnight, kalicodreamz, J1E, Ceasarr, Blu3angl, k3d1, hime-roronoa, HaganeNoRenkiJutsushi, Crapmonster, Highknees.
02 Jun 2009

Lucille - Staph Beck
And If Lucille really exist ?
Take a look here
And a thread on our forum here
28 May 2009

wallpapers - Staph Beck
Hope you liked volume 34^^
Today an update of wallpapers from
Don't forget the latest important news below smile
see ya
04 May 2009

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